Google+ Unveils Games to Limited Users

As expected, Google+ is taking another step in its quest to become the dominant and most relevant social networking site as it introduced Google+ Games to a limited number of users.

We all know that gaming is an important factor in Facebook’s popularity. It even has become a springboard of a game apps provider (Zynga) to become a major player in the social gaming industry. And as Zynga is about to take off as a public company, guess where it plans to provide games? You are right, on Google+, considering that Google has made an investment in Zynga

But before you get excited about playing FamVille and CityVille on Google+, note that those two games will unlikely appear over there due to some form of exclusivity. At least G+ will have Zynga Poker, even new titles as well. Other games will also join in Google+ Games such as Angry Birds and Bejeweled Blitz.

To check if your G+ account has games in it, look for the Games button at the top of your stream, right beside the Circles button. It features the latest game updates from your circles, browse invites you have received, and look for games that people you know have played. It is also in the Games page where your game accomplishments appear, so you can post your high score and share it only to people who play games as well. These invites and accomplishments will not appear in the Stream, which has been a source of annoyance in Facebook.

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